Finger Puppets

Assorted 2" to 3" hand knitted puppets for little fingers.  All made in the USA! Wild & farm animals, pets and people, Alligators to Witches!  Please specify which you would like.  We now have bees, butterflys and lady bugs!

Finger Puppets, Assorted 2-3" hand knitted characters: Alligator, Bear (Mama, Papa, & Baby), Boy, Cardinal, Cat, Chicken, Dinosaur, Dog, Duck, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Horse, Lion, Mouse, Monkey, Octopus, Owl, Panda Bear, Pig, Rabbit, Turtle, Wolf; Angels, Baby, Clown, Cowboy & Girl, Devil, Girl, Grandma & Pa, HumptyDumpty, Indian, Pirate, Princess, Pooh, Pumpkin, Red Riding Hood, Santa & Mrs. Claus, Reindeer, Smiley, Snowperson & Witch. NEW -- Bee, Butterfly, Ladybug! *See our Books too* , or simply put..."surprise me"

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Finger Puppets



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